What is Integrative Diagnosis?

Integrative Diagnosis is your fast track to clinical excellence and practice success.

For the detail oriented... Integrative Diagnosis is a cutting edge educational and certification program for healthcare providers. Specifically for providers that specialize in diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems. 

This interview covers some of the common questions providers often have.

Who can sign up for the Integrative Diagnosis program?
Healthcare providers that have a license to perform bodywork and students enrolled in full time professional programs can sign up for the ID program. Examples: DC, DO, PT, MD, LMT, DPT, ATC

If your license is restricted (example: LMT can not perform diagnosis) you can be certified only to the level of your licence. 

What makes Integrative Diagnosis unique?
ID is a complete system for diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems. ID isn't just another treatment technique. It is a detailed, complete, step-by-step system for clinical excellence. 

Diagnosis: The ID system shows you how to establish a diagnosis that includes the exact tissue and pathology that is responsible for your patients problem. After all you can't make lasting change or have excited patients if you don't even know what is really wrong. Symptom charts and guesswork don't cut it!

Treatment: Expert conservative care includes three equally important categories: Manual Therapy, Exercise and Load Management. If you are not really, really good at all three your results and practice are suffering. Most providers are too focused on manual therapy. Are you?

Communication: Even with amazing clinical skill you need to be an effective communicator. Patients need to know what is wrong, how you will help, what they need to do and why it's important. This is an extremely undervalued art: Be accurate, be concise, be compelling.

How do I get started with Integrative Diagnosis?
The online program is the entry point into the ID system and is a prerequisite for all other programs. 
What else does ID offer?

Our complete program list:

  1. Online: We offer two levels of online content starter and membership. 
  2. Hands-On Courses: To complement the online material we offer five hands-on seminars for assessment and treatment using the ID methods. The programs and schedule are available to online members.
  3. Small Group Seminars: For certified providers that have attended at least three hands-on courses and want to take their skill to the next level... small group seminars are amazing. Courses have one ID instructor and only two providers. This is the ultimate in hands-on intense instruction. We identify and fix your specific areas for improvement. 
  4. Coaching: Having trouble with a difficult case? Have you ever wished you could walk through your tough cases with an expert? Now you can. We offer direct one-on-one coaching with an ID instructor. We do an hour long video conference twice per month with each coaching client. Your patients get healthy and stay happy by avoiding common pitfalls and learning priceless lessons you can't get any other way.
  5. Observation & Training: One-on-one time with an Integrative Diagnosis instructor, in their office. There are three parts: 1) Patient Observation: See an ID instructor treat patients! This is the ID system expertly utilized in all aspects: diagnosis, communication, treatment, notes, staff, office look and feel… everything! 2) Discussion: Get all of your questions answered. Observation will trigger questions on the part of the provider and teaching opportunities on the part of the instructor. This solidifies and deepens the understanding of what happened during observation. 3) Hands-On: The instructor and provider will take turns being patient and doctor. This provides opportunity for hands-on time and expert technique feedback in the flow of a patient visit.  
  6. In Office Assessment: Providers that are fully certified are encouraged to have an in office assessment. An ID instructor comes to your office and observes the provider and patient interactions. The instructor assesses the implementation of the ID principles, diagnosis, treatment and communication and makes concrete actionable recommendations for improvement.

I am already certified in several techniques and have been disappointed with the results. How do I know ID won't be another disappointment?

Answer by Dr. Brady: I know exactly where you are coming from. I wrestled with this for a decade and deal with it every day. Virtually all manual therapy programs have the same problems. They lack an objective diagnosis, are treatment focused and way too often just plain wrong. Integrative Diagnosis fixes these glaring issues. See my story here and sign up for the online program for only $24 a month with no commitment. See for yourself how much better the ID program is than everything else.

Dr. William Brady founder and president of Integrative DiagnosisDr. William Brady

Dr. Brady is the founder and president of Integrative Diagnosis.

  • Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic as valedictorian in 1998
  • Founded Integrative Diagnosis in 2006
  • Launched integrativediagnosis.com in 2009
  • Created Manual Adhesion ReleaseTM and Instrument Adhesion ReleaseTM in 2011
  • Successfully treats players from NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, Olympic Athletes and CrossFit games competitors

See the story behind Dr. William Brady's founding of Integrative Diagnosis.

Dr. Matthew Lytle - seminar instructor for Integrative DiagnosisDr. Matthew Lytle

Dr. Lytle is a seminar instructor for Integrative Diagnosis.

  • Graduated summa cum laude from Logan College o f Chiropractic in 2004
  • Integrative Diagnosis provider since 2006
  • Integrative Diagnosis instructor since 2013
  • Clinical director and owner of Precision Health Group located in Bridgeton, MO

Dr. Carl Nottoli - seminar instructor for Integrative DiagnosisDr. Carl Nottoli

Dr. Nottoli is a seminar instructor for Integrative Diagnosis.

  • Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2012 as co-valedictorian
  • Integrative Diagnosis provider since 2012
  • Integrative Diagnosis instructor beginning in 2016
  • He is the owner of Functional Spine and Sport in Chicago, IL.

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