Being a patient is difficult...

Integrative Diagnosis is here to help.

We train healthcare professionals to obtain clinical excellence and we educate the public to make better health decisions.

What you need to know:

What is Integrative Diagnosis?
Integrative Diagnosis is a complete system for diagnosis and conservative treatment of muscle, nerve and joint problems. 

How do I find an Integrative Diagnosis provider?
ID requires intense study and training. Accordingly, there are not a lot of providers. Many patients have to travel to get the care they need.
Find your nearest ID provider here.

Does my ID provider accept insurance?
Some ID providers accept insurance, most do not. The insurance system encourages mediocrity and rewards the provider for seeing a patient many times. ID providers deliver clinical excellence and often resolve cases quickly.

Video: How insurance companies are destroying healthcare qualityIntegrative Diagnosis

Why does my ID provider charge more than other providers?
Healthcare is no exception to the time tested rule: You get what  you pay for. ID providers have better training, more experience and spend more time with their patients than many other providers. This produces better results and more value. We believe quality of care is far more important than quantity. You might pay double per visit but you get 10 times the value.

Condition Specific Information

What is adhesion?

What is nerve entrapment?

Is it just a pulled muscle?

Youth Athletes and Hip Problems

Are you having sciatic pain?

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